I've created the offerings below to help you achieve wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. I am here in support of your greatest unfolding.


Hands On Reiki

Refill with Love & Light. Clear your energy and refill with pure Universal Energy

-You relax, fully-dressed, on a massage table with a fuzzy blanket

-You can nap, meditate, ask questions or whatever you feel moved to do

-You receive 8-10 different hand positions placed gently over you

-Deeper emotional or spiritual work often arises during sessions

-You may receive spirit animals or angel guides during your session

-A deep sense of relaxation and being “held” is often experienced

-Leave feeling cleared of toxins, rejuvenated and nourished

1 hour $108


Discover Your Ayurveda Dosha

Ayurveda means “the science of life”. Discover your Dosha within the Ayurveda system to learn how to live longer and with more vitality. Discovering your Dosha will reveal to you:

-What your body type is and how to best eat to support it

-How to use food as medicine for your unique disposition

-What your food cravings mean

-How to use spices for each season to find balance and wellness

-Ways to improve your digestion, absorption and elimination

-How you should drink your coffee

-Anticipate mood imbalances for your dosha type

-How to finally feel good in your body without stressing about fad diets or generic diet rules

-Feel empowered to make daily choices to feel energized and full of vitality

1 hour $108


Health Coaching

You will get the top 3 ways to: determine what to eat, integrate rest into your schedule, manage your energy throughout the week, and daily practices to maintain your health goals.

-60 min face-to-face or via phone/skype

-Assess the area of resistance

-Create an achievable wellness goal

-Action plan for a trajectory shift

-Sample diet plan and recipes custom made for your health goals

-Tips for eating for your body type, your environment and your emotional health

-Personal empowerment to move you closer to balance and optimal health

1 hour $108


Life Changing Reflexology

Reflexology of the feet. This is one of the most potent ways to release stuck energy. This treatment includes:

-15 minute relaxing epsom salt foot soak

-a cup of delicious hot tea or filtered alkaline water

-heavenly aromatherapy

-sitting back in a zero

-gravity chair while being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket

-60-minutes of life changing reflexology

-You will leave feeling light on your feet, clear as a bell and completely re-energized

1 hour 30 minutes $108



Essential Oil Drop Treatment

An Essential Oil drop technique applied to the back, feet, and ears to create a feeling of deep relaxation and overall wellness. The 8 Therapeutic Essential Oils used are: Melaleuca, Balance blend, Lavender, OnGuard blend, AromaTouch blend, Deep Blue blend, Wild Orange, Peppermint. Body System Benefits:

-Healthy Inflammatory Response

-Boost your Immune System (great right before travel to maintain wellness)

-Reset your Nervous System

-Bolster your Stress Response

-Maintain Homeostasis

-For chronic conditions, helps to keep symptoms manageable

-Benefits last up to 7 days

1 hour $81


Health Coaching + A Body Treatment

Enjoy 1 Hour of Health Coaching with your choice of body treatments: Reiki, Reflexology, or Essential Oil Drop Technique. Clear your energy field and your physical field. Relax, rejuvenate, recharge.

2 hours $216